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Photovision ✯ GTA V Photorealistic Graphic

What is PhotoVision

PhotoVision is a photorealistic graphic mod developed by sly1286 in addition to VisualV to greatly improve the graphics of his game easily.

How to install ?

The installation of PhotoVision is really easy, there is an instruction file in the archive to help you step by step for correctly install PhotoVision.

PhotoVision is free ?

Yes of course ! PhotoVision is available for free like all my other mods on internet. It is just exclusively downloadable on my website.

Lot of FPS drop ?

Of course, like all graphic mods, PhotoVision cause FPS drop on your game. But not a big one, if you can play with VisualV, you can play with PhotoVision.

Discover the game from another perspective

PhotoVision offers you the most beautiful visual experience for the game by completely changing the graphic aspect of the game without losing alot of FPS to keep a great game experience

Watch the video

There is a nice video from the friend GTA Workshop to have a preview of PhotoVision before installing it. The video was recorded in ultra setting, without the Sweet FX filter

Lire la vidéo

Origin of the mod

Developed at the base for personal use by sly1286, a Flickr user you can follow on his profile just below (he makes awesome screen on some games), I came across the mod by chance and asked if it was possible to get it in order to take my vehicles screenshots before publishing them. He kindly accepted my request and out of respect I have obviously kept it private during the last six months. But it has now allowed me to publish the mod publicly, I think many of you will be delighted when I see the number of requests on each of my download pages!

You can make PhotoVision ✯ even more beautiful

To make GTA V even more beautiful with the mod I strongly advise you to combine PhotoVision✯ with following mods

L.A. Roads

L.A. Roads is a mod who change all exterior concrete on the road, parkings, airport, little streets, pavements… of the map by Google Earth textures to have ultra realistic roads 

RAGE 4K Water

RAGE 4K Water is a mod who change the water texture to have an ultra realistic water in the ocean, pools, lakes, rivers…


SpaceEngine is a mod who change the skydome by a new one with HQ moon and star field. With this mod you have incredible night sky !


Here is a gallery with some high quality screenshots made by me. You can click on them to enlarge for a better view. Game run in 1920 x 1080 with almost all options in ultra.

All my carss screenshot are made by PhotoVision ✯, you can check them by clicking below

Download PhotoVision ✯

This page is the only one where you can Download PhotoVision ✯ Graphic Mod. Please, do not reupload the mod elsewhere.

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